Take the measuring room to the part. ZEISS At-line Solutions.

The ZEISS AIBox makes traceable coordinate measuring technology available near production. It shortens the trip to the measuring station and reduces the time needed for a measurement through the use of a robot and optical sensors. With ZEISS CALIGO, the same measuring software as in the measuring room is available. This allows the flexible use of measurement plans and personnel.

3D atline measuring technology from ZEISS


ZEISS AIBox features a fully enclosed compartment. It is primarily intended for occupational safety, but also protects the high-resolution measuring technology against external influences. Extraneous light is eliminated by the enclosure, contamination reduced and temperature stability increased.

ZEISS AIBox flex

The ZEISS AIBox bridges the gap between performing inspections in the production cycle and highly precise measurements in the measuring lab. The AIBox flex is an enhanced version of the ZEISS AIBox and features a seventh axis. The standard systems with a modular design enable greater throughput for scanned workpieces.