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In the age of industry 4.0, connectivity is key. Unlock the full potential of your ZEISS measuring solutions – and maximise their capability – with the new ZEISS Smart Services, our new digitally enhanced service portfolio. Our measuring machines ZEISS PRISMO, ACCURA, CenterMax and GageMax will be shipped with the necessary hardware pre-installed and ready for activation. All you need for next-level uptime and productivity is a subscription.

Achieve optimal uptime with full transparency and realtime access to expert ZEISS support.
Range of Smart Services ZEISS
SmartGuard Dashboard

Smart Services Dashboard

Manage Capability on the Move.

Monitor the performance of your ZEISS metrology solutions in realtime - wherever you are. The Smart Services Dashboard provides a clear overview of all the KPIs you need for swift, effective management.

  • Machine status overview
  • Calibration/maintenance cycles
  • Hard & soft collision alerts

Smart Services Remote Expert

Your Service one Click Away.

Get fast support from ZEISS specialists by sharing realtime machine data. Leverage their expertise to resolve – or even prevent – quality incidents before they cost you time and money.

  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Immediate service support on your machine
  • Short training sessions via remote service

ZEISS MasterConnect System

The MasterConnect system transmits the data of your measuring solution to the Dashboard and Remote Expert.

Maximum Transparency

We take data privacy as seriously as you do. Here is a full list of the data we store and exchange via the ZEISS MasterConnect System. 

Operator PC

PC name

Hardware data

Operating system

Metrology software

Main version

Patch version

Patch number

License data

Installed service pack

NOTE: No personal or customer-specific data such as user data, measurement results or programs are transferred. Any changes require your prior consent.

CMM control

Serial number

Firmware revision

Type of control panel

CMM type

Operation mode


Collision data

Long-term data: Complete driving performance of all stylu, operating hours, accelerations, tavel paths

Operating system

Error messages

Your ZEISS Smart Services Starter Kit

Our ZEISS PRISMO, ACCURA, CenterMax and GageMax will ship with the MasterConnect System preinstalled and ready for activation. Retrofits are available for most current solutions – please contact us for more details.

Your ZEISS Smart Services include the following:

  • Smart Services Dashboard
  • Smart Services Remote Expert
  • For new machines: 12 months free usage
  • 1,500 € per year thereafter
  • For Retrofits: 1,500 € per machine per year and one-time installation fee 890 €

ZEISS Smart Services require the following:

  • ZEISS MasterConnect System
  • LTE availability or cable-based network at the machine
  • ZEISS CALYPSO >= 6.4 (2017) + latest service pack
  • CMM with C99 controller
  • Firmware >= 20.2

ZEISS Smart Services

Boost your productivity

ZEISS MasterConnect System

Tap into the growing world of ZEISS Smart Services – and profit from tailor-made digital solutions on demand.

Quick & Easy installation

Constantly evolving

Globally scalable

Individual usage

Secure Connectivity

With a secure and end-to-end managed connection, the future Smart Services assure the high quality standard of ZEISS.

Stable availability



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