Bridge CMMs

Highest precision and speed for industrial metrology

Maximum precision requires optimum control of manufacturing quality. To meet these standards, highly accurate measurement results are necessary – Bridge CMMs are designed to meet these requirements. Bridge CMMs are among the most widely used coordinate measuring machines and are characterized by high precision and low measurement deviations even in production-related applications. With a Bridge CMM from ZEISS, you are opting for the highest quality in every measuring range.

Your advantages with Bridge CMMs from ZEISS at a glance:

High measuring speed: the stiffness of ZEISS devices resulting from the closed bridge design enables precise measurement results even at high scanning speeds

Shorter measuring times: fast acquisition of complex components with the optimization of styli changes

Precise measurement results: fast and maximum accuracy thanks to advanced scanning technology

Custom-fit solutions for every application and industry: large portfolio of Bridge CMMs with a wide range of requirements in terms of accuracy, size and application

Guaranteed accuracy: ideal interaction of the coordinated components of sensors, measuring machines, accessories and measuring software – all from ZEISS

Compatibility due to universal software: ZEISS CALYPSO as operating software for all ZEISS coordinate measuring machines makes switching between different surfaces redundant

Repeatability of measurement results: convert measurement data into meaningful results with ZEISS PiWeb to create informative measurement reports that can be retrieved anywhere

Wide range of ZEISS services: from maintenance, repair and accessories to software and hardware upgrades, calibration, planning and consulting

ZEISS Bridge CMMs Portfolio


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Maximum precision for small parts


High precision in every environment


High-end measuring machine for maximum precision

ZEISS PRISMO for Aerospace

With ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode specifically designed for your industry

Tailored to the challenges of industrial metrology

Efficient and precise measurement with Bridge CMMs from ZEISS

High measuring speed due to high stiffness of the measuring machine

In order for ZEISS Bridge CMMs to meet the high requirements for precision and measuring speed in different applications, the design and the materials used must be optimally matched. To guarantee this quality standard, ZEISS relies on three essential features: dynamic stiffness, a low weight of the moving parts and reliable insulation from environmental influences.

The dynamic stiffness of the measuring machine is decisive for accuracy. This is the only way to avoid measurement deviations even when scanning at high speeds. The protective framework for this accuracy is provided by comprehensive insulation of the measuring machine from environmental influences. After all, even the best Bridge CMMs are no help if they only function under ideal conditions and deliver inaccurate measurement results when exposed to temperature fluctuations, for example. To ensure maximum performance in every application, ZEISS Bridge CMMs therefore feature temperature and vibration insulation as well as shielding enclosures

ZEISS uses granite for the measuring table as the stable foundation of the Bridge CMM. The moving parts, on the other hand, must be as light as possible and yet rigid at the same time. To achieve this, ZEISS relies on ceramics and CARAT aluminum. Another aspect for measurements with maximum accuracy and speed is the use of air bearings. Bridge CMMs from ZEISS are therefore equipped with extensive air bearings. The optimum distribution of these air bearings guarantees virtually frictionless and wear-free movement even in many applications.

You can see the ZEISS CONTURA portal measuring machine in a measuring environment.

Reduced measurement times thanks to styli configuration

The ZEISS VAST scanning probes also allow the use of long and heavy probe configurations, enabling timesaving scanning of deep-seated features on workpieces. Complex probe configurations with differently oriented styli can also be used for maximum flexibility and measurement speed. This allows probe changes to be optimized and measurement times for complex parts to be reduced.

To be able to achieve optimum measurement results with every measurement, original accessories from ZEISS provide support. This is because the proven combination of materials, design and technology only reveals its full potential when the individual components of the measuring machine are perfectly matched.

You can find the right accessories for your Bridge CMM in the ZEISS Webshop.

Precision: Bridge CMMs with advanced scanning technology

To guarantee customers the best possible measurement results for every metrology challenge, ZEISS relies on Bridge CMMs with high-precision scanning technology. As the inventor of tactile scanning, ZEISS bases the precision of its measuring machines on three pillars:

  • Active scanning ensures maximum precision and increased measuring speed while enabling the scanning of unknown contours
  • Navigator technology allows fast programming and scanning as well as time-saving calibration
  • FlyScan allows you to scan on the fly over workpieces with interrupted contours and thus benefit from short programming and measuring times

Universal measurement software

Whichever ZEISS Bridge CMM you choose, the ZEISS CALYPSO universal measurement software is compatible with all devices from the entire ZEISS portfolio. The scalable ZEISS PiWeb reporting and statistics software, which helps users create insightful measurement reports, is already integrated in the ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software solution.

Trust the opinion of your industry peers

Custom-fit solutions for every area of application

Automotive, aerospace and aviation, medical technology and other industries are always changing – ZEISS is your holistic partner for quality assurance. Would you like to achieve not only more productivity but also more flexibility in your work? Rely on a Bridge CMM as a perfectly coordinated and highly functional measuring system from ZEISS. Sensors and accessories are precisely tailored to measuring machines and software to deliver precise measurement results for every application and every requirement. Convince yourself of the successes achieved by your industry peers.

Extensive service offering for users of Bridge CMMs

To ensure that you can always take advantage of the full potential of your Bridge CMM, ZEISS also offers you a comprehensive range of services to complement the measuring machines. In addition to maintenance, repair and the offer of accessories, you also benefit from software and hardware upgrades to ensure that you are always up to date with the latest metrology. Rely on ZEISS expertise – from contract measurements, calibration or consulting to training your employees at the ZEISS Academy Metrology.

This is the place to solve your metrology challenges

ZEISS Measurement Services

ZEISS Academy Metrology

Experience over 35 years of quality training expertise and receive the most current knowledge.

Are other coordinate measuring machines required for your area of application?

If the components to be measured are particularly large, for example in the aerospace industry or vehicle manufacturing, the Large CMMs or Horizontal Arm CMMs from ZEISS are used.
Do you need a coordinate measuring machine for use close to production? Shop Floor CMMs from ZEISS enable fast measurements without sacrificing precision.

You can see the control surface of the ZEISS PRISMO ultra.
ZEISS Retrofit: Performance upgrade for your Bridge CMM

Make your Bridge CMM fit for the future!

This is how you can benefit from Retrofit:

  • 60 % time savings thanks to new functionalities
  • Bridge CMMs that are not older than 30 years can receive an upgrade
ZEISS Originals: Built to be a legend. Performance for life.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a new Bridge CMM. Certified refurbished measuring devices from ZEISS can also deliver outstanding performance if they have been tested and reconditioned according to strict criteria. This is exactly what ZEISS Originals systems guarantee.

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