Scoring points with speed


ZEISS VAST XTR gold with integrated rotary axis

Integrated rotary axis

Thanks to the integrated rotary axis, the new ZEISS VAST XTR gold probe always positions the stylus in the direction of the feature being measured, maneuvers effortlessly through gaps and thus gets wherever it is needed.


ZEISS VAST XTR gold with swivel joint enables various angular positions.

VAST navigator technology

ZEISS VAST XTR gold is based on the ZEISS VAST XT gold design. The navigator and performance functions are fully supported by ZEISS VAST XTR. VAST navigator from ZEISS is an expert system that recommends the optimal measuring speed for the desired accuracy.

The VAST performance function enables the stylus to scan interrupted contours without sacrificing speed or precision.

Integrated swivel joint

The key differentiating feature is the integrated swivel joint. It enables the stylus mount to turn as far as possible in 15 degree increments and thus always be positioned at the right angle to the part. ZEISS VAST XTR with the integrated swivel joint is as reliable and accurate as traditional “fixed” styli. Users can rely on the precision they are accustomed to.

There are a wide range of workpieces on which the probe flexes its muscles. These include parts with many features and angular positions such as those on gear housings for helicopters and locomotives. ZEISS VAST XTR gold is also suitable for rotationally symmetric workpieces such as ventilation gears or turbines. Thanks to the swivel joint, the probe reaches interior gears that until now could only be measured using complex stylus configurations.

ZEISS VAST XTR gold with swivel joint enables various angular positions.

Measuring large and heavy parts

ZEISS XTR gold in use

The new sensor also has a particularly positive effect on large and heavy parts, e.g. in shipbuilding, in wind power or in the heavy equipment industry.

With workpieces weighing more than five tons, it is difficult to find a rotary table suitable for the required accuracy and workpiece weight.

ZEISS VAST XTR gold - Probe with integrated rotary axis

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