F 451-452

The filter for blue cone monochromatism

The blue special filter lenses F 451 and F 452 absorb selectively. They have been specially developed for patients with blue cone monochromatism. They display a transmission of less than 20% in the range of visible radiation from 550 nm to 650 nm.

1. Marked Improvement in Acuity for Patients with Blue Cone Monochromatism

ZEISS Special Filter Lenses, F 451, F 452
Transmission curves for F 451 and F 452

Blue cone monochromatism is a very rare eye disease in which only the function of the rods and the blue cones remains.

The blue filter lens F 451 and the dark blue filter lens F 452 can be used to achieve a marked increase in contrast sensitivity, acuity and twilight acuity.

ZEISS Special Filter Lenses, Filter Clips

Filter Clip with Special Filter Lenses

The filter clip is glazed with Clarlet special filter lenses with plano power. They can be attached to practically any spectacle frame without difficulty.
The filter clip can be used as a supplement to existing Rx spectacles, are easy to handle and allow fast filter change if different filter colours are to be used. When not required, the clip can be folded upwards via a spring mechanism in its bridge support.

2. Filtercategories for F 451/452

Lens Type

as per DIN EN ISO 8980-3

Solar UV absorption

Suitability for traffic and
driving at night and in twilight
as per DIN EN ISO 14889

F 451
F 452

Category 2

100% solar UV-B absorption
>95% solar UV-A absorption

Not suitable for use in traffic!

Tips for the optician

  • Every Special filter lens with the refractive index 1.5 is also available as
    the special filter lenses F 451 and F 452
  • All coatings except for hard are possible

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