ZEISS Bifocal Classic Aphal R 22

The Slim Solution for High Plus Powers

ZEISS Bifocal Classic Aphal R 22 1.5 is a plastic, aspheric and lenticular bifocal which has been specially designed for aphakia and high hyperopic powers. R 22 is the code used to denote the 22 mm width of the oval segment which has been adapted to meet standard conditions of use.

Thanks to the aspheric design of the aperture, ZEISS Bifocal Classic Aphal R 22 1.5 not only provides excellent visual quality, but also permits a flatter lens design at the same time. The shape factor (effective magnification) is reduced, with the result that the wearer’s eyes appear less magnified. Finally, patients will appreciate the enhanced wearing comfort provided by lighter lenses.

The Margin for More Plus Points

The special feature of ZEISS Bifocal Classic Aphal R 22 1.5 is its aspherically designed front surface and margin asphere. Instead of an abrupt transition between the aperture and the margin, Classic Aphal features a curved, continuous transition zone, preventing a sudden change in dioptric power and hence eliminating the ring-shaped gap in the visual field ("ring scotoma") typical of standard lenticular lenses. ZEISS Bifocal Classic Aphal R 22 1.5 therefore allows the wearer to utilise the entire visual field without any impairment of orientation.

The benefits for the wearer

  • Lenticular lens without ring scotoma for a large, unimpaired field of vision for near and far
  • Slimmer lenses: up to 10% thinner than Bifocal Classic lenses
  • Lightweight lenses: up to 50% lighter than a glass bifocal with the same refractive index (e. g. ZEISS Bifocal Classic CT28 Mineral 1.5)
    Up to 13% lighter than Bifocal Classic lenses
  • Aspheric surface design of the aperture for outstanding visual quality
  • Reduced magnification of eyes compared to traditional lenses
  • The flat marginal zone allows glazing of standard frames

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