ZEISS Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics

For better quality of life.

G 2 bioptics from ZEISS support you in many everyday situations and help restore your independence and quality of life. For example, they will allow you to recognize street signs and people‘s faces, go on outings or enjoy leisure time activities without assistance.

The Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics from ZEISS

The Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics combine the benefits of corrective eyewear with a telescope system, resulting in enhanced visual performance. The telescope optics with 2x magnification are cemented onto a plastic or glass carrier lens – individually for each wearer depending on his or her requirements. The optical system is positioned above the wearer’s line of vision to ensure that the spectacles can be used in the normal way for distance and/or near vision. When a distant object requires special attention, the user can look through the telescope system by moving his/her head or eyes to obtain a magnified image of the viewed object.

The benefit:

unlike a hand-held monocular telescope, the user does not need to hold the system, keeping hands free for other activities.

This makes the Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics ideal for situations in which orientation to the surrounding field is important:

  • in traffic (e.g. recognizing street signs, house or bus numbers);
  • in hobby or leisure activities, e.g. watching TV, observing nature,
  • going to the theater or cinema and attending cultural or sporting events;
  • for orientation when out shopping or walking along the street;
  • for early face recognition.

The Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics are also suitable for use as a magnifying visual device by young users at school. Unlike a video magnifier, it offers the benefit of unlimited mobility and flexibility.

One product, many applications

The new Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics combine optimal optical and technical features with maximum individuality and outstanding wearing comfort. Thanks to their diversity of application, the system aids the user in a wide variety of situations.

The benefits for the user:

  • High wearing comfort due to the low weight and compact size of the optics
  • Distortion-free and high-contrast image
  • No need to hold and align the telescope with the hands
  • Viewing through the telescope possible through head or eye movement
  • Mounted on wearer’s prescription lenses taking into accout his/her personal centration data
  • Any stable frame with good fitting properties is suitable for the optical system

Technical data for Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics:

  • Magnification (distance): 2 x
  • Working distance: infinity
  • Field of view: 10°
  • Length: approx. 20 mm
  • Weight: approx. 7 g

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