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Better vision starts with outstanding diagnostics. That's why ZEISS offers opticians and ophthalmologists professional optical instruments that can be seamlessly integrated into their workflow. These systems measure with the greatest possible precision all the factors necessary for a comprehensive vision analysis and the production of an optimum visual aid. From needs analysis to the final pair of glasses, optometric diagnostic equipment and instruments from ZEISS make the entire process comprehensible and transparent – ensuring a great patient experience with excellent results.

Digital centration Visufit 1000

The digital age is redefining optometry practice. Patients are always connected and more demanding than ever. The key differentiators for practices are customization, convenience, and a unique patient experience.

With the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 Platform you can achieve new levels of precision, speed, service and convenience – raising your business profile and creating a unique patient experience.

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Objective refraction / autorefraction with the ZEISS i.Profiler plus

No two eyes are alike – and no eye is perfect. You require a lot of information about a patient's visual acuity to offer them an optimum spectacle lens. The ZEISS i.Profilerplus assists you with taking the patient's case history. The innovative instrument analyses the retina, measures the patient's vision with a dilated pupil and creates a comprehensive vision profile using a high-resolution wavefront measurement, including corneal topography analysis – all as detailed as a fingerprint.

 Digital subjective refraction with the ZEISS VISUPHOR® 500 and the ZEISS VISUSCREEN® 500

The more precise the refraction, the better the pair of glasses. Cutting-edge instruments for subjective refraction from ZEISS not only ensure a completely new consultation experience, but also provide ultra precise results, such as with the ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 digital phoropter with the ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100 acuity chart. Thanks to a large number of additional tests (von Graefe, Schober), the system makes it possible to diagnose phoria and to check a patient's monocular or binocular vision, ultimately providing them with the best spectacle lens prescription for their vision needs.

Digital centration with the ZEISS i.Terminal® 2

In addition to the prescription and type of lens, there's another factor that determines how well a spectacle lens wearer sees with their glasses: centration. The ZEISS i.Terminal 2 creates a frontal and side image of the spectacle lens wearer at the push of a button, and provides you with all the patient's particular parameters (e.g. interpupillary distance) for the precise positioning of the spectacle lenses in the frames. This way you recommend exactly those ZEISS lenses that are optimally suited to the wearer's needs.

 Intraocular pressure measurements with the ZEISS VISUPLAN® 500

The regular measurement of the intraocular pressure is part of basic diagnostics and every professional glaucoma screening. The ZEISS VISUPLAN 500 non-contact tonometer makes this examination easy and does not require contact or anaesthesia. The analysis is performed using a soft puff of air which, following a brief training period, can easily be performed by an assistant. This way you can offer your patients the option of a quick and convenient intraocular pressure measurement.

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 Fundus photography with the ZEISS VISUSCOUT® 100

Diagnosing retinal diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or diabetic retinopathy is the key to high-quality eye care – and thus for maintaining your patient's vision. Our portable VISUSCOUT® 100 fundus camera from the ZEISS Essential Line assists you with these diagnostics. The light, compact design enables opticians, ophthalmologists and medical personnel to quickly perform retinal examinations anywhere, anytime – for a reliable diagnosis in just a few blinks of an eye.

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 ZEISS VISULENS® 500 automated lensmaster

The easiest way to measure spectacle lenses and contact lenses. The ZEISS VISULENS 500 automated lensmaster makes it possible to determine the spectacle lens prescription independently of the material, refractive index and Abbe number – conveniently, precisely and fast. The ZEISS VISULENS 500 also offers an advanced UV transmission measurement system: thanks to the simultaneous analysis of four different wavelengths between 365 and 405 nm, spectacle lenses can be reliably inspected to determine the level of UV protection.

VISUCONSULT 100 - Your digital assistant for individual consultation

ZEISS Vision Care has developed ZEISS VISUCONSULT 100 to help you transform your consultation process into an unforgettable experience: Download the free ZEISS VISUCONSULT 100 App today to access your digital assistant for individual consultation.


VISUCONSULT 500 - Get connected with an easy consultation process.

Digitalize your business for an optimal consumer experience with the ‘brain’ of your practice ecosystem for an easy consultation. ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 manages your patient journey from end to end and makes your consultation process simple and fast, leaving you with more time for face-to-face communication.

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VISUSTORE - Order lenses online

Modern eyeglass lenses really are a miracle of technology. There are many different ways of tailoring them exactly to the needs of the wearer. This is all enabled by a countless number of lens types and order parameters. The technologies used to produce modern individualized ZEISS lenses are highly complex – but now ordering them couldn’t be easier. With the new VISUSTORE® online ordering system by ZEISS.

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