A key enabler for business success

Although already an expert in your area of expertise, we all need ongoing training to refresh our knowledge, to get to know new technologies, products or industry standards, as well as to develop and maintain our sales and consultation skills.

As Winston Churchill said, "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." As your business partner, we will assist you in your ongoing efforts to unlock your potential and make you even more successful. By providing relevant, professional training via the ZEISS Academy Vision Care and by presenting scientific information on topics related to optics, we offer you a wide range of trainings to meet your specific needs.

ZEISS Academy Vision Care

Synonymous with professional education

Are you looking for general information regarding optical phenomena or the science of optics? Are you interested in detailed product information? Do you want to receive instructions on how to use measurement devices? Would you like to get some sales advice? Whatever you are looking for in terms of professional education, we want to provide you with an attractive training offer.

Seminars and Training for Eyecare Professionals ZEISS Academy Vision Care
ZEISS Academy Vision Care

Our goal as a business partner is to equip you with all the required knowledge and skills to successfully consult, advise and sell your products and thereby satisfy your customers. Your business success is our ultimate goal, and we would like to support you with all the necessary training to achieve this.

Utilizing our extensive experience in the optical industry, in consultation with scientific experts, and by considering the experience and needs of eye care professionals in their daily business all over the globe, we have developed a comprehensive, professional training package for you.