PhotoFusion. The self-tinting lenses by ZEISS.


The self-tinting lenses by ZEISS

ZEISS PhotoFusion.

  • What's new?

    The self-tinting lenses that react fast to changing light.


    Fast reaction – for more convenience

    PhotoFusion lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditions. The high- and mid-index lenses react up to 2 times faster* from dark to clear and up to 20% faster* from clear to dark than previous photochromic lenses by ZEISS.

    Very dark and very clear – for excellent vision

    Indoors, PhotoFusion high- and mid-index lenses are very clear, while outside in the sunshine the lenses turn very dark.

    • Clear state: 92% T*
    • Dark state: 11% T*


    100% solar UV protection – for full protection

    PhotoFusion lenses offer 100% protection against solar UV rays.

    Strong durability – for long-lasting satisfaction

    PhotoFusion lenses retain their performance –
    for long-lasting satisfaction.

    Excellent color consistency – for natural sight

    PhotoFusion high- and mid-index self-tinting lenses demonstrate excellent color consistency.

  • Technical Innovation

    Technology which makes all the difference.


    ZEISS has responded to consumer expectations by creating PhotoFusion® high- and mid-index self-tinting lenses. The result is lenses which adapt with very good speed to changing light conditions.

    Fast reaction to solar UV rays

    The secret behind PhotoFusion high- and mid-index self-tinting lenses is photo-active molecules that respond more efficiently to light energy, darkening up to 20% faster* than previous photochromic lenses by ZEISS and fading up to 2x faster*. Solar UV rays activate the self-tinting process. The stronger the solar UV rays the darker the photo-active molecules tint the lens. Without exposure to solar UV rays the molecules are compact. When exposed to strong solar UV rays, the molecules are fully open and the lens achieves its maximum tinting level.

  • Market Insights

    Everyday, for every glasses wearer.


    Even though self-tinting lenses have been on the market for many years there still are many features which could be improved.

    What do consumers expect from the next generation of self-tinting lenses?

    • Fast reaction to changing light conditions - for more convenience
    • To be very clear indoors and very dark outside in the sunshine - for excellent vision
    • To provide your eyes with 100% protection against solar UV rays - for optimum protection


    By improving these features, not just 20%, but up to 40%* of consumers worldwide would consider buying the self-tinting lenses by ZEISS and 97%** state that PhotoFusion high- and mid-index self-tinting lenses are better than or equal to their old photochromic lenses.

    *Average performance for 1.67, 1.6 and polycarbonate lenses. Performance will vary according to material, temperature and light conditions.
    ** Source: External consumer study, Germany, November 2012. *** Source: External study with opticians, US, January 2013.

  • What our Customers Say

    »My eye care professional showed me the PhotoFusion lenses, I tried them on and now I don't want to wear anything else.«

    Andy Grey, Philadelphia

    »The lenses go really dark in bright sunlight and are clear when I'm indoors. Great.«

    Eliette Key, San Francisco

    »For me UV protection is very important. With PhotoFusion I can be absolutely sure that I'm always protected.«

    Monica Dell, Portland

    »Only one pair of glasses anytime, anywhere – whatever the light is like. I think it's an excellent solution.«

    Benny Miles, Seattle

    »I wear them in the office, while shopping, on the beach, in the garden, by day and by night.«

    Nicole Letting, New Orleans

*Average performance for 1.67, 1.6 and polycarbonate lenses. Performance will vary according to material, temperature and light conditions. T = Transmission. With AR coating.

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