Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory. Photo: Carl Zeiss

Located in Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory and Planetarium has a dramatic architectural setting on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood 347 m above sea level and at an elevation of some 232 m above the Los Angeles and Hollywood area. An unforgettable panorama stretches to the Pacific Ocean on the horizon.

Yearly two million visitors find their way to the beautiful ensemble of recreation and popular sciences. The planetarium belongs to the best visited planetariums in the world.

The Griffith Observatory closed to the public for a complex renovation in 2002. The planetarium was completely refurbished as well. From November 2006, again a ZEISS projector, UNIVERSARIUM Mark IX with special features, acts as lord and master of the artificial sky.

Opening 1935 1964 2006
Model Model II Model IV Model IX
Dome dia. 23 m (75 ft) 23 m (75 ft) 23.2 m (76 ft)
Seats 472 663 298
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