Magnifying visual devicesMADE BY ZEISS

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Magnifying visual devicesMADE BY ZEISS

Magnifying visual devices

When glasses aren't enough

Sometimes glasses just aren't enough. ZEISS offers you a broad spectrum of magnifying visual devices. These support not only low vision patients by providing them with individually fitted magnifiers, magnifying or telescopic spectacles or with monocular hand-held telescopes, but also people who need to see the tiniest details in their jobs, e.g. dentists, jewellers, beauticians or surgeons. For these fields of application, ZEISS offers individually fitted teleloupe spectacles and head-worn loupes with or without illumination systems which enable comfortable, exact and unimpaired work down to the very last detail.

  • How you benefit

    How you benefit

    Benefits for spectacle wearers

    Good vision for everyday tasks and challenges

    • Individualized visual solutions for low vision patients, tailored to their personal vision requirements in everyday life and their remaining vision potential – e.g. vision loss due to retinal diseases that require special solutions which exceed the possibilities of standard eyewear or contact lenses.
    • Individualized vision solutions to provide professional users for whom good vision is simply not good enough in their highly skilled work – such as doctors and engineers. Often even a few fractions of a millimetre can determine success or failure.

    • The product spectrum includes different optical systems for hand-held use whereas others are intended to be integrated into or attached to spectacles – with or without illumination systems.
    • Provide each wearer with the best visual performance using a magnifying visual device.
    • Convenient operation tailored to each situation.
    • Excellent image quality with a maximum field of view.
  • Magnifying visual devices: who for?

    An overview of the product line and its applications

    For all users: magnifiers

    VisuCard and pocket magnifiers

    Ideal for outdoor use: the small dimensions make it possible to distinguish even the finest detail any time, any place Their high dioptric powers make the VisuCards and pocket magnifiers from ZEISS suitable for persons who suffer from severe visual impairments.


    Head-worn Loupes L / LC

    Unhindered work is possible with the ZEISS head-worn loupes as they are simply attached to the wearer's normal prescription eyewear or worn on the head using a headband. They are particularly suitable for situations where low magnification is needed.


    Hand-held magnifiers

    There is much more to a hand-held magnifier than meets the eye. Their aspheric lens design ensures largely distortion-free images. In addition, the sizes of the fields of view are matched to the respective dioptric power of the magnifying lenses and provide the user with an excellent overview.



    Low vision devices for the visually impaired

    Magnifying bifocals

    Magnifying bifocals

    A higher addition in the lower portion of the magnifying spectacles turns these bifocal spectacles into magnifying bifocals. The distance portion of the lens permits orientation in the surrounding area, while the magnifying portion allows reading and work at close range. High performance and ease of use.

    Telescopic spectacles

    Telescopic spectacles are used to better recognize objects outside the range of near vision. If a magnifier in the form of a clip-on lens is attached, the telescopic spectacles become teleloupe spectacles and can be used for work at close range. The benefit of teleloupe over magnifying spectacles is the considerably larger working distance in the near range.


    Monocular hand-held telescopes

    Hand-held telescopes are used for the uncomplicated recognition of details in the distance range and are therefore important aids to outdoor mobility. Depending on the model, continuous focusing from distance to near offers very flexible application possibilities, e.g. for reading bus or train timetables and street signs or for viewing shop window displays.


    Magnifying visual devices for professional users

    Teleloupe spectacles

    The combination of optimum optical and technical properties, maximum individuality and excellent wearing comfort is the outstanding feature of the ZEISS teleloupe spectacles for professional users. They are precisely adapted to each wearer's personal needs: any ametropia present, personal centration data, required magnification and working distance are taken into account in every system.

    Head-worn loupes

    Head-worn loupes

    Head-worn loupes with binocular Kepler-type teleloupe optics are particularly suitable for users who require extremely high image quality and magnification. The optics are available in a broad spectrum of magnifications and working distances so that every user can select loupes tailored specifically to his or her requirements.

    Saphiro² LED illumination

    Saphiro² is a mobile, high-performance LED illumination system that can be used in combination with ZEISS teleloupe spectacles and head-worn loupes. The field of view is evenly illuminated without shadows. This makes it considerably easier to perform many visual tasks where exact detail recognition is an absolute must.


Your individualised lenses:
These ZEISS products could be the best choice for you.

Your lens coating: robust, easy to clean, with a superb anti-reflective coating

ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum and Silver

Lens coatings transform plastic lenses into everyday masterpieces. They harden plastic lenses, making them dirt-resistant and easier to clean.

Discover what the Premium lens coatings from ZEISS can do for you

Your progressive spectacles from ZEISS

ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio

The ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio offers four performance levels and seven technologies, some of which are all-time firsts anywhere in the world. Did you know that the reading distance between our eyes and a smartphone is much shorter than when we read a book or a newspaper?

Progressive lenses are true optical masterpieces. Learn more about the ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio

Clear vision all day, every day

Lens cleaning solutions from ZEISS

It's always annoying to have dirty lenses. Cleaning your glasses should be as gentle, simple and effective as possible. That's why ZEISS offers such a wide range of lens cleaning solutions.

A quick wipe or a thorough clean? ZEISS has the lens cleaning solutions you need

Personalised advice: find a ZEISS optician near you

Your ZEISS optician will be happy to configure your custom-made magnifying visual device after carefully explaining all the available options. Find a suitable optician here.

Find a ZEISS Optician

More information on magnifying visual devices

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