ZEISS Magnifying Visual Devices

The moment you see something you couldn't before.

This is the moment we work for.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupes L and LC

For comfortable detail work

The ZEISS Head-worn Loupes L and LC are the ideal solution if a low magnification suffices for your work and you want to keep your hands free to perform the task at hand.

Both head-worn loupes allow stereoscopic vision with the magnifications 1.25x or 1.4x.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupe L

Loupe L

Design of Head-worn Loupe L

Headband with exchangeable textile pad, vertically adjustable visor.

ZEISS Head-worn Loupe LC

Loupe LC

Design of Head-worn Loupe LC

Universal loupe clip attachable to practically any pair of eyeglasses.

Your eyecare professional will be pleased to help you select the right magnifier for your special requirements.

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