Filter UV

Filter UV

Blocking radiation up to 400nm

Thanks to their highly effective UV absorber, UV Filter lenses are opaque to short-wave radiation below 400 nm. The basic tint of these lenses is slight brown in colour. The light reduction totals approx. 15%.
UV Filter is also available in combination with any colour with a light reduction of over 15%.

1. Areas of Use for UV lenses

UV lenses protects against UV radiation for:

Aphakic patients
In a healthy eye the short-wave UV radiation below 300 nm is absorbed by the cornea, and radiation between 300 and 400 nm by the crystalline lens. In aphakia the retina is subjected to considerably more UV and blue light. As long ago as 1909, it was shown in an experiment that the aphakic eye displays increased spectral sensitivity to short-wave radiation.
UV lenses replace the filter effect of the crystalline lens. Aphakic patients who are not given UV protection by either contact lenses or intraocular lenses should always wear lenses with 100% solar UV protection.

PUVA therapy or photochemotherapy
Clarlet UV lenses can also be recommended to patients who are undergoing PUVA therapy or photochemotherapy. This involves treatment with medication followed by UV-A radiation and is used for a number of skin disorders.

Reliable Protection on Sunny Days

In sunshine, the increased UV radiation triggers a chemical reaction primarily in the surface of the photochromic lens, initiating the darkening process. As the UV radiation is utilized to activate the darkening process, photochromic lenses display 100% solar UV-A and UV-B absorption in their darkened state.

2. Details

ZEISS Special Filter Lenses

Special filter lenses from ZEISS are tinted in a special dip dye bath

Special filter lenses at a glance

  • F 60: reddish brown, 60% absorption at 600 nm
  • F 80: brown, 80% absorption at 600 nm
  • F 90: dark brown, 90% absorption at 600 nm
  • F 540: bright orange, 50% absorption at 540 nm (cut-off filter)
  • F 560: orange, 50% absorption at 560 nm (cut-off filter)
  • F 580: red, 50% absorption at 580 nm (cut-off filter)
Lens Type

Solar UV absorption

Suitability for traffic and driving at night and in twilight
as per DIN EN ISO 14889*
Clarlet UV

100% solar UV-B absorption
100% solar UV-A absorption
Blue light protection to 400 nm
Suitable for use in traffic (expect Blue 50%)
Suitable for driving at night and in twilight
(all Clarlet colours below 25% light reduction)

* If different colours are ordered than those offered in colour range, no information can be provided concerning suitability for use in traffic.

Tips for the optician

  • Every Clarlet lens with the refractive index 1.5 is also available as UV Filter
  • All coatings and colours with more than 15% light reduction are possible
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