ZEISS DuraVision Platinum

DuraVision® Silver by ZEISS

for clearer vision and better looks

DuraVision® Silver is part of the DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS and is characterised by outstanding anti-reflective properties.

Because spectacle wearers want both: to enjoy clear and comfortable vision and as well look good with their glasses, as nothing diverts attention away from their eyes.

Outstanding anti-reflective properties with DuraVision® Premium coatings

Most coated lenses in the market currently come with a green residual reflection. DuraVision® Premium coatings by ZEISS have a light bluish residual reflection for:*

Clearer vision

Higher luminous transmittance for even clearer vision.**

Clearer vision

Cuts distracting reflections on the back surface by 20% for more comfortable, clearer vision.**

A better appearance

Reduces reflections on the front surface by 20% for a better appearance.**

* Depending on the lens material, measured on 1.5 (CR39) lenses with DuraVision® Platinum (internal testing)
** Comparison with standard green AR coated ZEISS lenses

  • Benefits
    • Clearer and more comfortable vision thanks to greater lens clarity
    • A better appearance due to reduced reflections
    • Superior hardness for robust and scratch-resistant lenses.

    Easy Care

     ... thanks to basic anti-static and easy-to-clean properties.

    Clearer vision and better looks due to reduced reflections.

    ... thanks to a blue residual reflection colour that increases light transmittance.**

    Easy Care function for anti-static and easy-to-clean lenses

  • Details

    Understanding the correlation between the residual reflection color and the sensitivity of the eye.

    ZEISS DuraVision Silver

    Green AR: Light reflection peaks at wavelengths where our eyes are most sensitive.

    Convential AR coatings produce maximum residual reflectance near the peak sensitivity of the eye. The maximum residual reflection of DuraVision® Premium coatings has been shifted to the blue end of the spectrum for reduced visibility.

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