Coatings & Coloured Lenses by ZEISS

Add additional high quality features to your ZEISS lens

Having a high quality lens with the correct perscription ensures the lens wearer can enjoy sharp vision. But there is much more you can do to improve quality of vision. ZEISS offers a wide varienty of coatings and colours, that are tailored for specific needs. From glare reduction, over UV protection to improved clarity and cleanability - ZEISS offers the solution.


ZEISS offers leading edge technology like DuraVision® Platinum, the hardest-ever ZEISS coating – make use of these excellent opportunities!


Sun & Filter Lenses

The range of functional colours covers special outdoor applications and will provide the maximum on sun protection and contrast enhanced vision.


Self-tinting Lenses

Changing very fast from clear to dark - ZEISS self-tinting lenses automatically adapt perfect to the light conditions.


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