Did you know …

that only women work in the final inspection department at ZEISS?

Part 2: Did you know …

… that only women work in the final inspection department at ZEISS?

To ensure that finished lenses have a consistent reflection colour, the women of the ZEISS quality inspection department inspect each one by hand. Why is this job done exclusively by women? Statistically speaking, colour vision deficiency occurs more frequently in men, so ZEISS relies solely on women for this important task. ZEISS quality inspectors are proud of their skills, and rightly so: they detect any deficient lenses with an undesired reflection colour and reject it immediately.

If you were asked to name the most important ZEISS product promise, it would have to be the extraordinary standard of quality that the company offers. At the development stage, in every part of the production process, and all the way through to final customer delivery - outstanding quality is the number one priority at ZEISS. The company's many years of experience have enabled it to optimize its processes right down to the very last detail. Just as importantly, ZEISS employees are motivated and committed to what they do. Not just in Germany, but worldwide.

How do you recognize ZEISS quality?

This symbol is your promise of guaranteed quality.

This symbol is your promise of guaranteed quality.

The discreet laser engraving in the form of a “Z” on the lenses guarantees the authenticity of your ZEISS precision lenses and thus optimal wearing comfort. This premium quality is the result of a company that drives many optical industries and is known for its innovation and precision.

  • The purity of the raw materials is ensured by innovative filter technologies. 
  • Premium quality is guaranteed by very stringent quality control.
  • Optimal light transmission is ensured by high-performance anti-reflective coating technologies.

Every lens delivered to the optician under the mark "ZEISS" is engraved with our trademark "Z" as proof of the excellent lens quality. In the course of cutting, edging and fitting the lenses into the frame, the engraving may be removed. In case the Z-engraving is missing on your ZEISS lenses, please ask your optician for the ZEISS warranty certificate.

“ The moment quality is not just a promise … but a way of life.

This is the moment I work for.”

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At ZEISS, quality is not just a promise, it’s a way of life. After all, it’s the final inspection that ultimately determines whether a customer is satisfied with our products.

Roswitha Beh,
ZEISS Quality Management

What is the ZEISS guarantee?

For those of you who would like to know all of the specifics that make our lenses so different we have provided an overview below:

  • Spectacles have to meet certain minimum requirements mandated by law: they have to have a CE label. ZEISS Lenses, on the other hand, are DIN EN ISO 9001/2000 certified. This certification extends far beyond the minimum requirements mandated by law and comprises superior quality standards that have to be met not only by the product, but also in terms staff qualifications. Our brand name lenses are produced only by trained personnel.
  • ZEISS warrants that optical impression quality is our first priority. It is more important than any other product criteria. At ZEISS Vision Care, your perfect vision is priority one.
  • Our in-house test specifications are even more far-reaching than those stipulated in the standards.
  • ZEISS Vision Care guarantees that ZEISS Lenses are adjusted only by qualified optometrists so that you can count on enjoying the benefits of an uninterrupted quality chain.
  • ZEISS Lenses are also available for special lens prescriptions. ZEISS offers a wide portfolio of options for individual prescriptions.
  • To be in a position to offer you customised lenses that meet all of your individual needs, our ZEISS Lens portfolio comprises a diverse and balanced range of choices.

More personal experiences with ZEISS and ZEISS products

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“As a designer, my success depends on my vision.

That’s why I choose ZEISS quality lenses.”

Bao Xiang, Spectacle Wearer, China

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“The most important thing for me is to improve my patients’ vision.

That’s why I always recommend ZEISS lenses.”

Dra. Mónica Reino, Eye Care Professional, Colombia

Find out more about ZEISS quality

Guaranteed quality is marked by the famous Z lens engraving

For over 160 years, ZEISS has stood for vision expertise, from telescopic and microscopic technology all the way to camera technology. Since 1912, this expertise has gone into every pair of prescription spectacle lenses which leaves ZEISS' production facilities. With its constantly pioneering innovations, ZEISS is one of the leader in the ophthalmic optics sector. Over 200 million people see their world through ZEISS spectacle lenses, and this number is increasing by the second. They all put their trust in the quality associated with the ZEISS brand.



How a patent (EP0039497) filed by ZEISS set new standards for progressive lenses 30 years ago

´Presbyopia, the progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects, has always been a particular challenge for lens manufacturers. Because when the surfaces of the lenses are ground, many different types of optical lenses come together. The search for the "holy grail" — the perfect progressive lens design with no out-of-focus areas — is still ongoing, but in early 1980s, a young employee in Carl Zeiss's mathematics department for spectacle optics scored a coup in the development of progressive lenses.

The Company History of Carl Zeiss

The Company History of Carl Zeiss

On 17 November 1846, the 30-year old mechanic Carl Zeiss opened a workshop and a small store in Jena’s Neugasse No. 7. In just a few months, Zeiss, who not only had a solid theoretical basis and good practical experience, but was also well acquainted with scientists and mathematicians at the University of Jena, had already found clientele for whom he repaired scientific apparatuses and instruments or produced them according to the customer’s specifications. In addition, he offered spectacles, chemical scales, drawing apparatuses, telescopes, etc.



Improved vision = improved quality of life

It is one of the common truths that small things and intricate details often make a noticeable difference. This also applies to spectacles. Some important features distinguish simple glasses from a premium quality, customised pair of glasses that delivers significant benefits. You may wonder how better glasses can also improve the quality of your life. Certainly, a budget priced pair of mass produced spectacles will restore your vision and is highly affordable. After you have had vision problems for a while, you will enjoy being able to see again. What more can you expect? Is even better vision an attainable goal?


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