Precision is our business

Optical innovation is not a product of chance at Carl Zeiss

Figuring out the most important term that defines performance and the element that drives Carl Zeiss takes just one look at its more than 160 years of corporate history: Precision is the word.

Precision is our business

Carl Zeiss was also the first manufacturer of individual, customised varifocal lenses.

Carl Zeiss is one of the world’s innovation and technology leaders. The chip manufacturing plants of the semi conductor industry depend on hundredweight ZEISS high performance lenses for their lithography optics – the brains of their production machines. The automotive and aeronautics industries measure the accuracy of their products and components with devices supplied by the inventor of the CNC coordination measuring technology – Carl Zeiss.


Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is the leading global provider of medical technology for diagnosing and treating vision problems and the market leader in innovative visualisation solutions for neurological and ENT surgery applications.


Google Earth uses ZEISS lenses in its telescopes to take photographs of the earth. The first moon landing was recorded for all eternity in 1969 – with ZEISS lenses. Nokia cell phones are equipped with ZEISS lenses today. Nobel Price laureates have been known to bet on ZEISS microscopes.

Precision is our business

Google Earth utilises ZEISS lenses in its telescopes

ZEISS is the inventor of the anti-reflection coating and received a patent for a coating process that minimises the reflection on glass surfaces in 1935. It was subsequently used by Carl Zeiss for the first time in its spectacle lens manufacturing processes. Carl Zeiss was also the first company to manufacture individual, customised varifocal lenses.


The one element that connects all of the episodes of the enterprises long history is amazing precision: it is the accuracy of the image reflection; the fact that everything is broken down to the most minute detail. Professionals count on the dependability of these products, as do millions of people who wear spectacles and opt for Carl Zeiss lenses.

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