What sunglass lens type are you?

Or: Why does ZEISS offer so many different sunglass lenses?

According to a study conducted in the USA in 2008, three out of four people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes against direct sunlight. However, only one out of five wearers owns a pair of sunglasses featuring his or her personal prescription. Frequently, sunglasses are selected for purely fashion reasons or due to the cosmetic appearance of the frame. But sunglasses aren‘t just sunglasses.

Needless to say, sunglass lenses must protect your eyes against harmful UV radiation. High quality sunglass lenses tailored to the needs of your eyes and your personal habits can vastly improve vision in sunshine, reduce eye fatigue and simply give you more enjoyment in outdoor activities.

ZEISS optometrists therefore offer four different types of sunglass lenses. Special products focus sharply on your needs, visual habits and lifestyle. And no matter what ZEISS sunglass lens best meets your requirements, all of them guarantee reliable UV protection combined with premium ZEISS quality.

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Whether you need prescription eyewear or not, we can provide you with customised, high quality sunglass lenses every time. Your optometrist – the specialist to consult in all matters concerning sun protection for your eyes – can meet your personal wishes and requirements and recommend precisely the right lens for your needs. After all, every eye, every visual habit and every lifestyle are as individual and personal as a fingerprint. So, don't be surprised if your optometrist asks you about your hobbies when helping you to select your new sunglasses.

Type 1 – The all-rounder

Whether they need prescription lenses or not, all-rounders want sunglasses that they can wear every day and in any situation, and lenses that protect their eyes reliably against direct glare and harmful UV radiation.

Michael L.: “UV protection is an absolute must for me when it comes to buying sunglasses. I want to be able to wear my sunglasses in all the different situations I encounter in my daily life – also for sport and in strong sunshine. It’s really great that I can match the tint of my lenses to the colour of my frame."


Type 2 – The performer

Performance is your number one priority: whether you are out driving or doing water or mountain sports. You often find yourself in situations in which the reduction of irritating glare and reflections is paramount.

Uli H.: “In my job, I’m often out and about in my car. I frequently have problems with glare on the road when the sun’s shining. This means I have to really strain my eyes to see clearly when driving.”


Type 3 – The convenience lover

The convenience lover usually has to wear his or her glasses all of the time. These wearers therefore want to avoid having to keep switching between sunglasses and their everyday glasses when the light changes.

Alex P.: “I’m totally reliant on my glasses due to my very high prescription. In my job I often have to work indoors and outdoors. And to make matters worse, my eyes are very sensitive to light. I find it very irritating to have to keep switching between my normal glasses and my sunglasses.”


Type 4 – The individualist

Standing out above the rest and wanting to be noticed, enjoying sports and being fashionable. Wrap sunglasses fill the bill. For this purpose, ZEISS has developed sunglasses lenses that offer an innovative optical design.

Melanie N.: “I'm slightly shortsighted and a real sports fan. I need sunglasses that contain my prescription, offer UV protection and look good and fashionable – sunglasses that I can wear when I’m driving or to protect my eyes from the wind when I’m sailing."

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