Precise Eye Measurement

Step 2: The i.Profiler® measures your eye and creates a unique profile, taking into account all specific properties and capturing them in an optical map.

In 2007, Carl Zeiss Vision introduced the revolutionary i.Profiler®. This breakthrough technology allows detailed measurement of your eyes and its properties and the creation of an optical map. No eye is absolutely round, no cornea completely smooth. And: the measurement is without any inconvenient preparation of your eyes.

Of course, most of us know whether we are far- or near-sighted or suffer from astigmatism. But there is also something called "higher order aberrations" – complex refractive errors that are unique to each human eye. Conventional refraction – the subjective eye test performed to determine your prescription – cannot reveal these errors. Thanks to the i.Profiler® and the data it generates for your eyes, your optometrist can now order truly customised precision lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision.

This data helps the experts produce eyeglasses that will provide you with clear night and twilight  vision without irritating reflections or halo effects. You will enjoy excellent contrast and depth of field. Last but not least, you will simply see more clearly. Colors will suddenly seem richer. And there is no magic to it. Using wavefront technology, your own personal visual profile will be created by your optometrist. Your personal data will then be processed at Carl Zeiss Vision and implemented specifically in the form of customised ZEISS precision lenses with i.Scription®. i.Scription® will give you a whole new experience in vision.


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