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Lattice SIM Launch & Confocal Workshop

Event & Hybrid Webinar

Get ready for this exclusive invitation to the on-site launch of Lattice SIM, paired with an immersive confocal and Super resolution microscopy hybrid workshop. Our ZEISS Specialists will be discussing 3D super-resolution, multiplexing, spectral unmixing, speed, sensitivity, Dynamic Profiling and Artificial Intelligence in living samples using different technologies.

The Confocal and Super-resolution Workshop falls on 27 & 28 February and 05 and 06 March 2024. The Lattice SIM launch will fall on the 28th of February and 06 March 2024. We will be looking at aspects such as:

  • Guidance through aspects such as fast, highly sensitive super-resolution and multiplexing
  • Molecular dynamics with dynamic profiler, Arivis AI as well as spatial omics.
  • Lattice SIM Unveiled: This cutting-edge technology isn't just about seeing; it's about experiencing.

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PRESENTER Dr. Chris Power

Chris Power is a Product and Applications Specialist for LSM Systems at ZEISS Microscopy. Chris studied Biology and Oceanography at University Southampton and became a product manager for confocal systems at Bio-rad from 2000-2004. Afterwards he moved to Germany to develop confocal and light-sheet technologies at ZEISS Jena, including a project leader position for LSM 700 and LSM 800. In 2011 he moved back to UK to become a 3D Imaging Specialist.

Presenter Dr. Claudia Kästner

Claudia Kästner is an experienced Application Specialist at ZEISS Microscopy, where she is responsible for providing tailored demonstrations of super-resolution microscopy solutions using structured illumination (SIM). Prior to joining ZEISS in 2021, Claudia worked as a Research Specialist in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. With a PhD from Freie Universität Berlin, Claudia has a strong background in Chemistry and brings a deep understanding of advanced microscopy techniques to her role.

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Lattice SIM Unveiled: This cutting-edge technology isn't just about seeing; it's about experiencing.

  • Webinar Recording: ZEISS Lattice SIM Hybrid Launch South Africa