Zeiss Ikon System

Zeiss Ikon Camera

The Zeiss Ikon unites traditional design with modern conveniences. It enables you to turn a creative idea for an image into a real picture.

Please note: The production of this camera has been discontinued.

Zeiss Ikon Camera

Perfect the art of hand-crafted photography.

The new Zeiss Ikon camera combines classic design with easy-to-use operation. Features and controls are specifically made to make practical photography comfortable and free from unpleasant surprises from the camera. Manual or auto TTL exposure metering as well as an AE-lock function gives you complete control of the exposure situation. So that you can make best use of the entire system – from the film to the lens. Quite simply, you can count on a highly versatile creative tool that won’t let you down.

Unlike 35 mm SLR camera viewfinders that only show little more than 90% of what will be recorded on film, the Zeiss Ikon viewfinder lets you see the entire image. This gives you more possibilities and confidence as you compose each shot. In addition to that, the triangulation rangefinder is combined with the widest possible viewfinder base. This means extreme accuracy and wide-angle focusing precision. All of these features serve one, single-minded purpose: to help you create incredible images.

Some people prefer the road less travelled. They would rather see the world from their own, unique perspective and are not concerned with what the mainstream sees or thinks.

The Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder Camera is the ideal photographic tool for these individuals, allowing maximum creativity with the freedom and intimacy of 35 mm rangefinder photography. Combining the ultimate refinement in optical and mechanical possibilities, it literally pushes the limits of today’s film technology.

The Zeiss Ikon unites traditional design with modern conveniences. It enables you to turn a creative idea for an image into a real picture. Equipped with the renowned M bayonet, this camera is ideally suited for ZEISS ZM lenses and can also take all other lenses equipped with an M bayonet.

Please note: The production of this camera has been discontinued.

Technical specifications:

Camera type
Compact rangefinder system camera with focal plane shutter and TTL light metering system
Film format
24x36 mm on 35 mm film
Carl Zeiss T* ZM-mount lenses with focal length 15 to 85 mm. Can also use all other lens types with M bayonet
0.74X magnification. Bright range- and viewfinder with bright line frames activated by used lens type. Displayed frames 28/85 mm. 35 mm, 50 mm. Separate frame selector lever for manual frame selection independent of mounted lens. Automatic parallax compensation. Diopter correction lenses -4 to +2 diopters. Standard setting at -1 diopter
Large base rangefinder
Coincident-image rangefinder in the center of the viewfinder image. Measurement base 75 mm (effective 55.9 mm)
Exposure metering
TTL center-weighted metering at working aperture. Metering range (at ISO100 and f/2) EV 0 to EV 19 (f/2–4s, f/16–1/2000 s)
Film speed range
Manually set between ISO 25–3200 with 1/3 incremental f-stop
Exposure modes
AE with aperture priority or manual. AE lock option. Exposure compensation +/- 2 f-stops in 1/3 steps set at shutter speed dial
Viewfinder display
LED symbols for selected shutter speed along left side of frame. Warnings for out of range shutter speeds and low battery
Vertically moving electronically controlled metal type. Shutter speed: speeds with 1/12 f-stop resolution between 1/2000 s to 8 s in AE mode, full f-stops between 1/2000 s to 1 s in manual mode, B
Flash synch Synchronization at 1/125 s and longer shutter speeds
Film transport Manual advance with quick lever. Rewinding with rewind lever
Camera body One piece aluminium base structure. External metal covers. Tripod thread inch in base plate
Batteries Two 1.5V cells type LR44 or SR44
Dimensions 138 x 78 x 32 mm (5.4”x3.1”x1.3”)
Weight 500 g (1 lb 2 oz.)

Zeiss Ikon Camera


Reliable Shutter

The Zeiss Ikon camera uses an electronically controlled, vertical travel, focal plane shutter. The shutter blades are made for metal shutter blades. This ensures a particularly precise and long-lasting performance of the equipment. Complementary, exposure times can be set from 1/ 2000 s - 8 s, plus bulb setting. The flash sync is at 1/125s.

Bright, Clearly Arranged Viewfinder

The extra large viewfinder image allows a pleasurable image composition. Viewfinder frames for 28, 35, 50, 85 mm focal lengths are shown with indication selected and recommended shutter speed in an LED display. Additionally, the brightness of the LED display automatically adjusts to ambient light for more convenience.

Precise Rangefinder System

The Carl Zeiss rangefinder camera offers the widest rangefinder base on the market with 55mm or 2,2". The particularly large triangulation field remains precisely in the center of the image and therefore allows accurate focusing.

Intuitive Operating Concept

Easy and fast adjustments are the key when photographing with a rangefinder camera. Due to this, design aspects of the Zeiss Ikon camera focus on the concept of easy-to-use operation. This concept avoids interruptions and disturbances when taking pictures. Also, the film advance lever shows particularly smooth motion.

Conventional Film Loading

Other rangefinder systems only offer film loading possibilities when removing the base plate of the camera. The Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera allows conventional film loading through the back of the camera even when the camera is tripod mounted.

Convenient Exposure Metering

The center-weighted TTL exposure metering allows accurate light measurement. An exposure lock feature stores meter reading and allows a change in composition without affecting the exposure. A manual exposure mode is also included.


"The Zeiss Ikon - hereafter ZI - has all the features you might hope for, plus optional autoexposure..."

"The Zeiss Ikon is an improved Leica. I put it that way because it is to the Leica that the Zeiss Ikon refers, detail by detail and..."

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