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Everything You Should Know about Your New ZEISS Precision Lenses

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Sunglass lenses for convenience lovers

The 2-in-1 solution: sun protection for your eyes despite your prescription – without having to keep changing your glasses

Sunglass lenses for convenience lovers

If you always have to wear your glasses, if you have a job where you are frequently confronted with changing light, or if you simply enjoy comfort and convenience, then self-tinting lenses from ZEISS could be the ideal solution for you. You will no longer have to keep switching between your normal glasses and your sunglasses, and your eyes will enjoy reliable solar UV protection in any weather.


Self-tinting lenses by ZEISS feature a variable tint that reacts to different light conditions and is activated by UV light. In dark rooms, at night and low light the lenses become so clear that they look exactly like a non-tinted lens. In sunlight they darken and then look like sunglasses. The benefit for you: you always have lenses that are optimally matched to the light conditions in front of your eyes.

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