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Distagon T* 4/50 FLE/CFi

 Distagon T* 4/50 FLE/CFi

Distagon T* 4/50 FLE/CFi

The classic wide-angle lens for medium-format photography

  • Very-high performance
  • Floating elements (FLE) for increased performance in the near range
  • Versatile wide-angle lens, ideal for landscapes, calendars, advertising, travel

Many photographers consider the Distagon® T* 4/50 FLE CFi lens the ideal all-purpose wide angle lens in medium format. The modern optical design guarantees high performance, even close-up, thanks to "floating elements". Corner-to-corner illumination is very even with all aperture settings common in advertising, nature and landscape photography, and veiling glare is extremely well controlled. So the Distagon T* 4/50 FLE CFi lens is well suited for landscape shots with large blue sky areas.
Distortion is kept remarkably low, qualifying the Distagon T* 4/50 FLE CFi lens for both professional architecture and product photography – a unique strength of retrofocus wide angle lenses from Carl Zeiss. On top of all these benefits the Distagon T* 4/50 FLE CFi lens is remarkably compact.

Focal length 51.9 mm
Aperture range f/4 - f/32
Angular field (hor./vert./diag.) 57°/57°/74°
Focusing range (from film plane) 0.5 m - ∞
Working range (from front end) 0.3 m
Number of elements/groups 9/8
Image ratio at closest range 1 : 6.3
Negative-size 55 x 55 mm
Coverage at close range 351 mm x 351 mm
Camera mount CFi
Filter connection bayonett series 70
Dimensions Ø 74.1 mm, length 87.1 mm
Weight 800 g

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